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Our Cognacs


Our goal with our spirits is to simply bring you great examples of pure, beautiful, and delicious spirits all while highlighting as much transparency as we are allowed to share by the producers themselves.

We take pride in the authenticity and that includes us bottling our products direct from the barrel to the consumer. When spirits are not filtered, like our rums and cognacs, you might come across a unique bottle with barrel char floating throughout it. This is a good thing and is intentional. So enjoy the purely unadulterated nature of our spirits, unfiltered and true.


We have spent the majority of 2021 tasting through Cognac trying to find something delicious to bring to the US. We landed on 5 new marks. 
The aim for these first 3 was to be approachable to anyone in the category in terms of pricing. 

All of these are unadulterated, even with water and unfiltered completely. All of them a blend of casks yielding approximately 3880 bottles.

-10 yr XO Fins Bois - 117.4 proof - 58.7% Distilled in 2011-Bottled in 2021

-12yr Petite Champagne- 115.2 proof - 57.6% Distilled 2009-Bottled in 2021

-14 yr XXO Multi Cru blend- 116.4 proof - 58.2% Distilled in 2007-Bottled in 2021

Older Cognac

The first three marks are the first half of the range. Very affordable and shining examples of what Cognac can be. These older offerings are fun but on top of such small releases, one of these had a bit more scarcity so one of them was a distillery exclusive.

-21 yr Grande Champagne - 118 proof-59% Distilled in 2000-Bottled in 2021 Distillery exclusive

Aprx 1250 bottles

-30 yr Fins Bois - 105.8 proof - 52.9% Distilled in 1991 - Bottled in 2021

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