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Our Story

Good Conversations. Camaraderie. Delicious Spirits.

Gregarious Grump started as a way to bring in great spirits exclusively for the Houston Whiskey Social, an annual event held in Houston that showcases the world of Whiskey and the camaraderie of friends while also highlighting a few special examples of non-whiskey related spirits. It is one of the few opportunities to bring together the Whiskey Community for a face-to-face over a good pour.

Our goal was to bring in unique, single barrel offerings directly into Texas, whether it be whiskies, rums or brandies, and do it at a cost far cheaper than anything else we could find. For our first bottles, we decided to offer rums from Barbados, Guyana and Belize. All of which are all unadulterated, single barrel, cask strength offerings all completely unfiltered to bring to you a pure product straight from the barrel. Soon, we will be adding in new spirits like Cognac and Armagnac to the Gregarious Grump brand and more!

Our mission is to travel the world to find the best liquid to bring back here to offer to you, while keeping it pure in honor of that liquid’s heritage.

We hope you enjoy it.



Kristopher Hart

Owner & Managing Director

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